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Tour Modernism

Speaking of Modernism is speaking of Barcelona itself. If you would like to discover and learn everything about this style then this tour is for you! Throughout our route, we will visit the legacy that great figures such as Antoni Gaudí, Domènech i Muntaner, Puig i Cadafalch and Enric Sagnier -among others- have left in this city…turning it into an authentic open-air museum.


  • 2 hours 30min

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Gothic Quarter

Tour Duration: 2h30′
Meeting Point: Plaça Catalunya, under the monument to Francesc Macià
End Point: Santa María del Mar church

Did you know that the Gothic Quarter wasn’t always called like that?
This route will allow you to discover the secrets hidden in this quarter of the city of Barcelona. We will follow the traces of the different names that the city has had by walking through its streets and alleys. Barkeno, Barcino, Barshiluna…until its current name, Barcelona.
When was Barcelona’s Cathedral actually built? What can we find under the Plaça del Rei? Why is Santa Ágata Church’s tower different from the others?
We will find the answers to these and more questions all along our tour through the neighbourhood.
Let the oldest quarter of Barcelona seduce you with all its secrets…you will surely be surprised.


Tour Duration: 2h30′
Meeting Point: Plaça Catalunya
End Point:Picasso Museum

This tour was planned for those who feel attracted by one of the most controversial, ground-breaking and committed artists of all times.
We will go through the places that he frequented in Barcelona – such places changed his conception of art and life before his definite immersion in the Parisian artistic blooming.
What was his everyday life like, which artists influenced his art, which friendships left a trace in his life and the impact of the Civil War during his stay in Paris are some of the aspects that will help us go deep into the unique universe of this charismatic painter.
We will stop by the legendary restaurant Els Quatre Gats, one of the most bohemian premises of the time, where artists and writers gathered until dawn. We will have a drink inside this modernist restaurant while we are taken back in time to reminisce the cultural and artistic effervescence of Barcelona during the early 20th century.
Finally, we will visit the Picasso Museum, mainly displaying his early pieces of work and, through a comparative analysis, we will venture into an artistic journey through the most significant stages or this captivating artist.

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